Organizations must be able to quickly react to new developments and actions in order to stay ahead of their competition. Personnel remains a critical succes factor. A flexible professional not only increases the effectiveness and punching power, but also the resilience of your organization.

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About us

Verreijt Industrial Project Support is an independent professional who has the ambition to always deliver to the expectations (and above) of his clients. Verreijt Industrial Project Support is completely independent. This independence is necessary to ensure that the solutions he recommends to his clients are of value to them. This independence also makes sure that Verreijt Industrial Project Support has no other stakeholders besides his clients and always wants to meet their expectations.

The services in which Verreijt Industrial Project Support can be of value for your project or organization are:

  • Project coordination/ management; directing a project, staff and/or subcontractors in terms of planning, progress, safety, materials, equipment, rentals, more/less work, finance, etc.
  • Subcontracting and Procurement; for on/offshore requirements on a daily (maintenance) or project (specific) basis. Verreijt Industrial Project Support is convinced that organizations can handle procurement and outsourcing better, more efficient and more professional. Regarding this topic Verreijt Industrial Project Support can assist in all kinds of questions.
  • Mechanical Construction Supervision; Supervision concerning piping, static equipment and heat exchanger scope of work.
  • Office Supervision; Supervision of work preparation staff, logistical staff, Subcontracting staff and/or assisting the Project Management.


Verreijt Industrial Project Support has worked for, and is active within, leading and internationally known industrial companies. But its services can also be utilized by small- and medium sized organizations (MKB). An overview of the reference projects is available upon request. Supervision, management and coordination, procurement, outsourcing, analysis, advisory, benchmarking and process analysis are performed for the following organizations.












Who is Verreijt Industrial Project Support?

Jeroen Verreijt is the person behind Verreijt Industrial Project Support. He is a consultant with a performance-oriented style, which specializes in outsourcing, procurement, supervision and project management.

He gained experience at Stork Technical Services and as an entrepreneur. The core of his orders carried out the implementation and supervision of work during shutdowns, turnarounds, new construction projects (greenfield and brownfield), process optimization (Lean 6Sigma), procurement and contracting, generally within a dynamic environment.

In a leadership role, he has been involved in the CD5 and MLO turnaround of Shell. At the end of 2013 he founded Verreijt Industrial Project Support. With Verreijt Industrial Project Support, he aims to help organizations to manage projects, professionalize procurement/contracting and review business processes in order to advize and act.

If the job is not running, he will immediately act think in solutions rather then problems. He prefers to follow a systematic and structured way of working; manageable steps. He is happy to help with the development of strategies and the achievement of business goals. He always approaches issues critically.

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